Staff Directory

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Adams, John [email protected]/a Resource
Addington, Sarah [email protected]/a Math
Amussen, Kelli [email protected] Girls Tennis
Asay, Andy [email protected] On-site Technician
Aubrey, Madison [email protected] Para Professional
Ayers, Ken [email protected] English
Barber, Bethany [email protected] Ceramics, Art
Barlow, Audrey [email protected] English
Barnard, John [email protected] Spanish , Science Fiction
Bartholomew, Stephen [email protected] Art, AP Art/Photo
Bawden, Laura [email protected] Attendance Secretary
Bayles, Erik [email protected] Psych, AP Psych
Beck, David [email protected] Orchestra
Bell, Angela [email protected] Counselor
Biggs, Leo [email protected] Biology
Bird, Susy [email protected] Spanish, AP Spanish
Blackburn, Starla [email protected] Speech
Burgoyne, Vincent [email protected] Band, Guitar, Percussion, Wind
Carter, David [email protected] Assistant Principal
Chadwick, Linda n/a Food Service
Chatterton, Ashlee [email protected] Color Guard
Clark, James [email protected] Physics, AP Physics
Clement, Spencer [email protected] Math
Craner, Jeri [email protected] Writing Lab Supervisor
Dahl, Pam [email protected] Physical Education, Biology
Deans, John [email protected] English, Film Lit
Dehoyas, Sam [email protected] Boys Tennis
Donkersgoed, Dwayne ddonkersgoed @ alpinedistrict.org English
Downs, Heather [email protected]/a Student Advocate
Durfee, George [email protected] Financial Lit
Duncombe, Linda [email protected] IVC Facilitator, Student Advocate
Ecalono, Chris [email protected] US History, AP World, Boys Soccer
Embley, Matt [email protected] German, History, AP Gov
Elsey, Charlotte [email protected] EdNet Facilitator
Evans, Nate [email protected] Night Lead Custodian
Everett, Kristin [email protected] Sports Medicine, Athletic Trainer, EMS
Ewell, Judy [email protected] Student Advocate
Fairbanks, Camiel [email protected] EdNet Facilitator
Farley, Cassie [email protected] Guided Studies
Frampton, Lena [email protected] Receptionist
Fotu, O’fa [email protected] English
Giles, Jackson [email protected] Custodial Day
Gillman, Kale [email protected] Girls Softball
Goodwin, Cami [email protected] Resource
Green, Annette [email protected] Facilitator
Greenwood, Chad [email protected] Med Anatomy
Guilott, Juliet [email protected] English
Gutierrez, Eduardo [email protected]/a Art
Guymon, Michelle [email protected] Business Ed
Hall, Ryan [email protected] PE, Drivers Ed, Baseball
Harding, Tiffanie [email protected] Ballroom
Harline, Paula [email protected] English 11 Honors
English 1010: College Writing
Harper, Shelly [email protected] Registrar
Harris, Lisa [email protected] Swim
Harris, Marjorie [email protected] English
Hatch, Teresa [email protected] Parking/Custodial
Hawke, Jan [email protected] Health, Aerobics, Spirit, ATE
Healy, Scott [email protected] Biology
Henry, Darrin [email protected] Business, P.E.
Herrick, Kaylee [email protected] English
Hooley, Jolynn [email protected] Para Professional
Hulse, Jonathan [email protected] Counselor
Jacobs, Lisa [email protected] Counseling Secretary
Jardine, Paula [email protected] English
Johnson, Gina [email protected] Office Assistant
Johnston, Nathan [email protected] Copy Center, Athletic Director
Jones, Allyce [email protected] Volleyball
Jorgensen, Kent [email protected] Drafting, Architecture, Engineering
Keller, Tammy [email protected] Finance
Kennedy, Cori [email protected] Ar
Kennedy, Tim [email protected] Transition Specialist
Kirby, Colleen [email protected] Counseling Receptionist
Larson, Glenn [email protected] Math, Boys Track
Laursen, Nancy [email protected] Government, English
Lawson, Keri [email protected] Food Service
Lee, Ben [email protected] American Sign Language
Lindley, Devin [email protected] Health
Lui, Linda [email protected] Chinese
Mangum, Jana [email protected] Office Aide
Marshall, Cheryl [email protected] Counselor
Mayo, Russ [email protected] Multimedia, Radio, Tennis
McAllister, Randy [email protected] PE, Boys Basketball
McDuffie, Angie [email protected] Food Service
McIntosh, Brenda [email protected] Attendance
Meek, Douglas [email protected] Library Media
Memmott, Jill [email protected] Advocate
Moore, Brock [email protected] PE, Wrestling
Morrison, Mark [email protected] Millwork, Cabinetmaking
Newman, Ryan [email protected] History, AP History
Nixon, Stephaine [email protected] Girls Basketball
Norman, Matt [email protected] Assistant Principal
Olsen, Kirsten [email protected] Spanish
Palmer, Eldon [email protected] AB Calculus BC Calculus
Palmer, Kathy [email protected] Writing Lab
Palmer, Shelley [email protected] Para Professional
Panter, Heidi [email protected] Distance Ed Facilitator
Parry, Linda [email protected] Payroll Secretary
Payne, Olivia [email protected] Math
Peterson, Becky [email protected] Lunchroom Manager
Petersen, Kyle [email protected] Math
Petersen, Nicole [email protected] Earth Science
Reese. Janessa [email protected] Food Service
Reeves, Justin jreeves@alpinedistrict.org Assistant Principal
Ringger, Jill jringger@alpinedistrict.org Child Development, Child Care
Robertson, Miriam mrobertson@alpinedistrict.org/td> English, Sociology
Rytting, Matthew mrytting@alpinedistrict.org Physics
Salisbury, Tyrel dsalisbury@alpinedistrict.org Government, Modern World History, US History
Sanderson, Kyle ksanderson@alpinedistrict.org Math, Asst Athletic Director
Scoville, Derek dscoville@alpinedistrict.org Business Ed, Yearbook, Girl’s Golf
Shaw, Brady bradyshaw@alpinedistrict.org Social Studies
Shelley, Stewart sshelley@alpinedistrict.org Drama, Stage Tech Crew
Sheridan, Shauna ssheridan@alpinedistrict.org Secondary Math 2 and 3
Smithson, Amy amysmithson@alpinedistrict.org AB Calculus
Snow, Abigail asnow@alpinedistrict.org Special Ed
Snow, Wendy wsnow@alpinedistrict.org Chemistry, AP Chemistry
Snell, McKenna msnell@alpinedistrict.org Life Skills
Spalding, Jeff jspalding@alpinedistrict.org School Psychologist
Squires, Stacey ssquires@alpinedistrict.org Health, Dance, Aerobics
Stanton-McAtee, Ruth rstantonmcatee@alpinedistrict.org English
Stephenson, Marilyn mstephenson@alpinedistrict.org Para Professional
Stewart, Steve skstewart@alpinedistrict.org Principal
Stringer, Lauri lstringer@alpinedistrict.org Counselor
Stuebner, Mireille mstuebner@alpinedistrict.org Advocate, Latinos in Action
Sutherland, Brenda bsutherland@alpinedistrict.org Attendance
Swenson, Ginelle (Jack) ginelleswenson@alpinedistrict.org FACS
Tanner, Evelyn etanner@alpinedistrict.org Student Finance
Taylor, Kylie ktaylor@alpinedistrict.org Para Professional
Tenney, Josh jtenneyalpinedistrict.org Counselor
Thomas, Kori kmthomas@alpinedistrict.org Assistant Principal
Tortorelli, Lee ltortorelli@alpinedistrict.org History, Government
Tyler, Catherine ctyler@alpinedistrict.org French
VanDijk, David dvandijk@alpinedistrict.org Chemistry, AP Biology, Biotechnology
Vaucher, Letecia lvaucher@alpinedistrict.org Food Service
Vimahi, Annaka avimahi@alpinedistrict.org Sociology, Anthropology
Vowles, Emily evowles@alpinedistrict.org Cheer
Wagoner, Brad bwagoner@alpinedistrict.org Head Custodian
Warburton, Shelbey swarburton@alpinedistrict.org Facilitator
Ward, Trina tward@alpinedistrict.org Media
Wardell, Hannah hwardell@alpinedistrict.org Ag Science, FFA
Wilcock, James jwilcock@alpinedistrict.org Choral Music, Guitar/AP Music
Wilson, Sheryl sbwilson@alpinedistrict.org Career Pathways
Witt, Katelyn kwitt@alpinedistrict.org Life Skills
Wollenzien, Kurt kwollenzien@alpinedistrict.org Counselor
Wootton, Mark mwootton@alpinedistrict.org Guided Studies, Football
Wright, Paige paigewright@alpinedistrict.org Foods
Yocom, Audra arodee@alpinedistrict.org Exploring CS, Intro to IT, Programming
Young, Lisa lisayoung@alpinedistrict.org Office Aide

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