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The student sign-on management allows students the opportunity to manage the following systems:
Gmail, Computer Login, and Skyward

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PGHS Vikette JR. Drill Clinic

September 3 & 4th Half Time Performance September 5th. Registration will start at 5:15 on September 3rd in the A Gym. Please bring payment at that time.

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ACT Prep Class

Students who take this course generally boost their ACT scores from four to nine points. Course Dates/Times: 2:30-3:30 PM Tuesday through Friday. Twelve days of instruction beginning August 26-29, September 2-5, and September 9-12. Cost: The course costs $45 payable to the PGHS Finance Office. Location: PGHS, Room 222, Mr. Deans. ACT Test: The official ACT test will be given on September 13. Register on the ACT website.

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PGHS Mission Statement

Pleasant Grove High School is dedicated to assisting students as they navigate life through learning.

Help keep our school safe!

-Let us know what is going on to help us make PGHS a safe, educational environment
-Please remember that submitting false tips is a prosecutable crime.

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